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Q. What is an "Association" Relative to Oak Point Estates Homeowner's Association and why does it exist?

A.  Associations are formed to allow Owners to manage their community. One of the main purposes of the Association is to enforce a set of covenants (promises) which bind all Owners to common Rules & Regulations. Individual Owners are usually required to pay monthly fees to enable the Association (via a Board of Directors/Management Company) to operate the Association and maintain the common areas of the Development such as the entrance, street lighting, planters, etc., in the case of Oak Point Estates.

QWhat kind of legal power does the Association have to enforce the rules?

A.  The main source of legal authority allowing the Association to enforce its rules & regulations comes from the recorded CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. Because most of the documents are recorded in the local real estate records, buyers become legally bound by the valid provisions of the documents when they purchase their Property.  All potential buyers should read the CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a Property/Unit in this or any Association.

QWho serves on Oak Point Estate Board of Directors, what do they oversee and how is the Association governed?

.  Oak Point Estates is governed by a Board of Directors, who are elected/volunteer Owners (current Board Members), usually determined in May of each year, by the remaining Owners. The Board holds regular meetings to discuss Association related affairs, oversees & enforces the CC&RS, establish an annual budget, authorize expenditures, collect assessments, solve problems, oversee the maintenance of the common areas, if any, etc. The Board acts much in the same way as a corporate Board of Directors, whose main purpose is to maintain the assets/property and enhance its value for its shareholders/Owners.

QCan I make changes to the outside of my property/home?

A.  Most Associations involving single family homes are not concerned with interior changes to individual homes. Assocaitions are usually and primarily concerned with maintaining a high level of outward appearance. For this reason, rules and regulations exist to govern exterior areas relative to new construction and the like. In an effort to maintain a high degree of community appearance, any changes to the outside of a home should be in accordance with restrictions and by-laws. Additionally, all Owners are required to keep their exterior yards in a good state of preservation and cleanliness. By way of example, things like trailers, mobile homes/trailers, etc. are not allowed to be stored in front yard/driveway areas for obvious reasons.

Q. How is trash & debris removal handled at Oak Point Estates?

A. Trash containers are provided by the City for each occupied home. Trash service at Oak Point Estates is provided on Wednesday of each week. Owners may place their trash containers at the edge of their respective driveways on the evening before scheduled service and should retrieve their containers by the end of the day that service is provided on.

QHow can I get a copy of my governing documents?

.  You should have been provided with a copy of the governing documents for the Association from the Seller when you purchased your Property.  For your convenience, free down-loadable PDF copies of Association documents, rules and regulations are available by clicking on the Rules and Regulations page of this website.

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